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Friday, December 9, 2011

member of US sniper squad captured by Syrian people


Many members of US sniper and death squad have been captured by Syrian Security forces, this is one of the few instances where people manage to capture the terrorists themselves. Justice will be served, the truth can't be hidden from ever.

US history of death squads

Let's not close our eyes, let's not forget US history and let's not forget the evidence.

US trained snipers in roof tops


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

torture and kill the bastards

dumb blind and deaf said...

this is obviously a proxy war which the MSM is trying hard to hide. most Americans don't even know what a proxy war is so why would they be concerned about current proxy war US is involved in, or the long history of US proxy wars.

Anonymous said...

USA soldiers are killing people of Libia.
USA soldiers are killers.
USA is killer.
I want to kill killer.

Muhammad Tallal Hussain said...

Anonymous said...

The Roof,The Roof,The Roof is on fire....we don't need no motherfucker,let the motherfucker burn,burn motherfucker on youtube:bloodhoundgang(Good Music man!!!)

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